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Archive for May, 2013

7 Top Online Sales Lead Generation Tips

Every so often when we are looking for Sales Lead industry news and techniques we come across articles which remind us of the basics. None more so than a post, a while back, from Blue Riot Labs In this we are reminded of 7 simple steps that are required for effective Online Sales Leads generation. […]


AdWords – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation?

You may not have noticed this new feature, Email Capture in AdWords, a while back. It was brought to our attention by a blog post by Anna Pfeiffer Marketing Strategist at Bronto. Essentially it offers people who are searching on Google & logged into their Google account, a quick way to sign-up for items of […]


Top Seven tips for successful lead follow-up

In an ideal world whenever you got a sales lead they would be ready to buy at the same time! However we all know that is not the case otherwise we would we would always follow-up straightaway. So whilst someone in the marketing department has sweated blood to produce a high quality lead, to the […]


Was my Advert seen? Now we know!

It’s been one of the most frustrating unknowns that have bugged advertisers for years. We paid for the advert, you told us it was published, aired etc but was it seen and by how many? Now Google are well on the way to providing the answer. In a recent Inside Google AdWords post, by Neal […]


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