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Archive for the ‘Lead Generation’ Category

Max-e-Biz is 10 years old today

Yes Max-e-Biz Ltd. the parent company of was founded in March 2006. So a big thank you goes to all of our customers, suppliers, associates and friends who made it possible. Bring on the next 10 years!    


How Long Should Your Landing Pages Be?

          How Long Should Your Landing Pages Be? Great article from conversion copywriter Jen Havice  


Trada, The Google Ventures-Backed SEM Crowdsourcing Firm, Closes Its Doors

Trada closes. Previous UK Trada Client? – We’ll Help! Get Free Proposal


Lead Generation Services – The 3 Fundamental Parts

What are the fundamental steps you need to establish to make your sales prospects want to “Contact Us”? Well essentially there are three steps, as outlined in a recent post by Frances Pratt on The Australian Businesswomen’s Network Blog.  Generate More Sales Leads This is kind of obvious really bur clearly the more leads you […]


21st Century Lead Generation Techniques You Should all be Using Today

The sales and marketing landscape has drastically changed over the past ten years.  Numerous challenges such as increased competition, a fluctuating economy and the entrance into the digital age have forced many businesses to rethink what may once have been effective sales techniques. There is perhaps no better example of this than when taking a […]


Discover Some of the Most Efficient Lead Generation Services Available

Reaching new clients… has never been an easy thing to do, one of the main reasons companies have recently started to embrace new and more effective ways of trying to find new customers. In the last few years, the use of lead generation services has provided business with very efficient marketing tools that can be […]


Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first step to any sale, and one of the most important considerations for any business. Quality, rather than quantity, is the order of the day: one good quality lead, carefully nurtured, is worth ten leads that go nowhere. There are a multitude of lead generation websites and lead generation ideas out […]


Lead Generation Companies – Who Does What?

Since most research these day starts with an Internet search on Google we thought we would save you some time. If you wanted to find Lead Generation Companies for your business you may well start out this way. So what does a typical Google Search in the UK produce? Well you can see the results […]


10 Proven Ways To Generate Sales Leads

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and remind ourselves of the many ways it is possible to generate Sales Leads. We were inspired by a recent post concerning this and we thought we would make it easy for you by listing some of them here- Getting Customer referrals. Joint Ventures Cross-promotions and co-marketing. […]


Twitter – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation? Update

Those of you who read our recent post Twitter – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation? may be interested to learn that Twitter has now released their Lead Generation Cards to all advertisers. Why should this interest you? Well according to a recent post on the Twitter Blog “By utilizing Lead Generation Cards, […]


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