Lead Generation – Ideas

Lead Generation

If you struggle from time to time to think of Lead Generation techniques we thought you might find this list of 30 a useful starter.

  1. Advertising Offline: TV, Radio, Publications, Displays
  2. Advertising Online: Pay Per Click Advertising, Banners.
  3. Affiliates: Get others to promote your products/services
  4. Blogs: Tell the World but make it good.
  5. Competitions: Incentivise suitable respondents
  6. Content Marketing: Create & distribute Quality material
  7. Customer Referrals: Get your customers to find others.
  8. Customer Research: Find out what people want they may even buy.
  9. Database Cleansing: Get leads as you call to cleanse your data.
  10. Direct Mail: Buy a targeted list & send an offer.
  11. Directories – Online & Offline: Choose General &/or Sector specific.
  12. Email Marketing: Buy or generate a list & send targeted Emails.
  13. Joint Ventures & Alliances: Leverage complementary businesses’s customers
  14. Leaflet Drops: Great for local businesses or property based services.
  15. Live Chat: Connect with those unknown website visitors instantly.
  16. Networking: Carefully choose appropriate Face-to-Face events.
  17. Newsletters/Tips: Distribute useful information concisely.
  18. Open Days: Get prospects to come & see what you do.
  19. Public Relations: Tell the World your stories through the Press.
  20. Search Engine Optimisation: Get found Online for the right search terms.
  21. Social Media: Connect & engage with prospects & the liked minded.
  22. Speaking & Presenting Opportunities: Show that you are the expert.
  23. Sponsorship: Get your brand message out to the appropriate audiences.
  24. Telemarketing: Call the right prospects for your business.
  25. Trade Shows, Conferences, Exhibitions, Industry Events. Be seen.
  26. Training Courses: Train others in your products & services.
  27. Video Marketing: Show your services & products to the world.
  28. Webinars: Show & engage with customers & prospects online.
  29. Websites: Display & promote your products & services online.
  30. Workshops: Explain & Train others in using your services & products.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but rather a thought starter to get your creative juices flowing. In due course we will expand each of these topics in more detail. The important points to realise are that you should be implementing as many of these as you can. Some will be more appropriate to your business than others. Maybe you should be trying Lead Generation techniques that you haven’t tried before? Alternatively you may want to re-visit methods you have tried in the past. Above all it is important to ensure that you have appropriate measuring & tracking systems in place to measure results.

Lead Generation is a business necessity and an ongoing requirement. In addition to the ideas shown here there are many other Lead Generation websites and resources you can explore for additional techniques.


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