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SEO v PPC – Which to Invest In?

Online Lead Generation with


Which One?

In case you ever wondered whether to invest in SEO or PPC, or both, there was a great article recently published by which examined this issue.



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If you want the short answer “In the ring, neither will win, because they are uniquely different and, when used smartly, can combine to provide the best digital marketing experience for any business.”






Full Article

You can read the whole article published on the Advanced Web Ranking Blog here Search engine optimisation or pay per click – which one should we invest in?

Max-e-Biz is 10 years old today

Yes Max-e-Biz Ltd. the parent company of was founded in March 2006.

So a big thank you goes to all of our customers, suppliers, associates and friends who made it possible.

Bring on the next 10 years!



Boost your Conversions.

Boost your Conversions. 24 Optimisation Strategies from the Experts. Free Recordings from CRO Day if you missed it.

International Coonversion Rate Optimization Day Logo

How Long Should Your Landing Pages Be?

Short v Long Form Sales Pages






How Long Should Your Landing Pages Be? Great article from conversion copywriter Jen Havice


Trada, The Google Ventures-Backed SEM Crowdsourcing Firm, Closes Its Doors

Trada closes. Previous UK Trada Client? – We’ll Help! Get Free Proposal


The 7-Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course

The previous course from was great so you might want to try this one. It’s FREE.

Google AdWords Partners Event

Hosted a great Google AdWords Partners Grow Local Meet-Up yesterday for Small Businesses. All the attendees enjoyed it and went away enriched with greater AdWords knowledge. Watch this space for our next event.

Google AdWords Partners Grow Local Event

5 Star Rating for our first Google Helpouts on AdWords PPC

We did our first Google Helpout for AdWords PPC
We were even awarded a 5 star rating and a great testimonial. Our customer was in Arizona, their client was in Colorado and our help came from London UK. Amazing faultess technology Google! It’s officially a small world now.


How much is spent in the UK on internet advertising?

A recent article published on the Ofcom website shows just how much is now spent on Internet Advertising. Nearly 30% of advertising spend in the UK is on internet advertising

A major trend in advertising markets in recent years has been the growth of spend on the internet (Figure 5.8). In 2005, internet spend accounted for less than 10% of total advertising spend in all our comparator countries, but by 2010 online spend accounted for more than 15% in most countries, and approached 30% in the UK.

The UK continues to have the greatest internet share of total advertising spend (28.7%), followed by the Netherlands (25.2%) and Sweden (23.4%). Reasons for this include high internet take-up in these countries and, in the UK in particular, widespread take-up of online shopping, which is driven by high levels of credit card take-up, high levels of trust in online payments, a previous history of catalogue shopping and the early launch of major online shopping services ( launched in 1998, for example, following the purchase of More information on internet shopping is provided in Section 5.3.4 below.

Ireland’s internet advertising market has the smallest share of total advertising among our comparator countries (8.6%), although this may be in part be explained by some advertising being administered in the UK, followed by Italy (11.4%) and Spain (13.9%).

Between 2004 and 2009 the proportion of all advertising spend allocated to internet campaigns has steadily grown. However, in 2010 this growth slowed in some European markets. In Sweden and France the internet’s share of total advertising expenditure remained almost constant (up by 0.3 percentage points in both countries) and in Poland the share of internet advertising fell by 0.6 percentage points.

Slower growth in share is not a reflection of a slowing internet advertising market but reflects a recovery in the total advertising market. In 2009 total advertising spend in all comparator countries fell, while internet advertising spend continued to grow in most countries (France and the US were the exceptions, with internet advertising spend falling by 3.3% in each country in 2009). In 2010, total advertising spend recovered and exceeded 2009 spend in all comparator countries except Ireland. In Australia and Poland strong growth exceeded even the peak spend in 2008. Internet advertising also benefited from a recovery in growth, but in Sweden and France at a similar rate to the total advertising market, and in Poland at a slower rate than the total advertising market.

You can view the original article by clicking here.

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Lead Generation Tip 2 – B2B: View the Trends First

Make sure you View the Trends before you decide your B2B Marketing Strategy.

With so many channels to choose from, it’s important to look at the trends, before you settle on you chosen B2B Marketing Strategy. A recent post by Christopher Ryan originally published on included the infographic below showing you the relative merits and costs of many of these channels. Which is better for your business, Email Marketing or Pay Per Click?

marketing trends marketing strategy marketing plan content marketing 2

If you would like help with Online Lead Generation then Contact Us.

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