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Posts Tagged ‘AdWords’

How much is spent in the UK on internet advertising?

A recent article published on the Ofcom website shows just how much is now spent on Internet Advertising. Nearly 30% of advertising spend in the UK is on internet advertising A major trend in advertising markets in recent years has been the growth of spend on the internet (Figure 5.8). In 2005, internet spend accounted […]


Online B2B Lead Generation with AdWords will be more difficult if you make these mistakes

Using Google AdWords for Online B2B Lead Generation…. has proved itself as a cost-effective technique over recent years. However in our opinion AdWords is getting ever more complex and certainly there are more companies competing for attention.So is using AdWords for B2B Lead Generation getting more difficult? A recent post, by Eric Wittlake in the […]


Twitter – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation? Update

Those of you who read our recent post Twitter – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation? may be interested to learn that Twitter has now released their Lead Generation Cards to all advertisers. Why should this interest you? Well according to a recent post on the Twitter Blog “By utilizing Lead Generation Cards, […]


Twitter – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will  remember our previous post Adwords is this the future of email lead generation ? Well it seems that not to be outdone Twitter has other ideas.  On Twitter’s Blog Mitali Patnalk explains how they, responding to marketers requests, have introduced a new service called Twitter Cards. These Twitter Cards provide […]


Lead Generation Tracking AdWords Clickers Offline

 Wow! According to Google we can now track people who click on AdWords advertisements, then go offline, then make purchase….well almost! Isn’t this what marketers have been waiting for? With so many people starting their buying cycle by searching online being able to determine whether they converted into a sale is so important! However, whilst […]


The 7 Top Lead Generation Methods

We thought you might like to know what others regard as the top lead generation methods. Fortunately we came across this recent post from David T. Scott. In his post he looks at the best tactics for providing companies with large numbers of actionable leads…….. When it comes to lead generation, many marketers aren’t sure […]


Boost Your Sales Leads with Google AdWords – FREE Webinar

FREE Webinar – Boost Your Leads with Google AdWords Lead generation is the life-blood of every business because without sales, it will fail – whatever kind of business it is. So marketing – and attracting the right sales leads – is essential. In the age of digital marketing, this has become more challenging for most […]


AdWords – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation?

You may not have noticed this new feature, Email Capture in AdWords, a while back. It was brought to our attention by a blog post by Anna Pfeiffer Marketing Strategist at Bronto. Essentially it offers people who are searching on Google & logged into their Google account, a quick way to sign-up for items of […]


Was my Advert seen? Now we know!

It’s been one of the most frustrating unknowns that have bugged advertisers for years. We paid for the advert, you told us it was published, aired etc but was it seen and by how many? Now Google are well on the way to providing the answer. In a recent Inside Google AdWords post, by Neal […]


How to find out what your Lead Generation competitors are doing.

In the dark ages, pre-digital, it was quite difficult to know whether you were better than your competitors or worse. Even more difficult to find out what they were doing and why they were better. With the advent of digital marketing much of this has changed. There is an almost indelible audit trail of who, […]


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