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Posts Tagged ‘Website Visitors’

Best Website Practices for Online Lead Generation – Part 1

Here’s a useful checklist for you to ensure your website is operating at its most efficient for Online Lead Generation. It was inspired by a post from Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios. Most websites operate in pretty much the same ways which are broadly like this:- A website is leading the visitor through a […]


Websites are the best online channel for Lead Generation

So it seems despite all the noise surrounding Social Media that corporate websites still produce more B2B leads than any other online channel. However most website owners are still not using their websites to best effect, at least when it comes to Lead Generation. Well these are the findings of a survey produced a while […]


Lead Generation Tracking AdWords Clickers Offline

 Wow! According to Google we can now track people who click on AdWords advertisements, then go offline, then make purchase….well almost! Isn’t this what marketers have been waiting for? With so many people starting their buying cycle by searching online being able to determine whether they converted into a sale is so important! However, whilst […]


Social Media shown to be the least effective B2B Lead Generation method

Like us we are sure you also keep getting told you must be on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+. That’s where the action is, it’s the future you absolutely have to be there You’ll be missing out if you aren’t.  You need a profile, a company page, send out Tweets, keep updating your status. You need […]


6 Best Practices for Lead Generation – Part 3

Part 3 – We conclude the 6 best practices for Lead Generation from an original blog post byby Dawn Papandrea, NewsCred Contributor – 5. When should the sales team take over? Lead routing is an important part of the equation, which is why many companies simply use trial and error to figure out what works […]


Is Your Website Generating the Leads that it should? Part 2

  In our previous post, Is Your Website Generating the Leads that it should? Part 1, we started to look at factors which influence whether a website generates a good volume of Sales Leads or not. We looked at a post from Richard Foshee which covered 5 important aspects. We continue with his post here… 3. […]


Is Your Website Generating the Leads that it should? Part 1

Here at  we are working daily to convert website visitors into Sales Leads, so we think we have a good idea of what it takes. But does the average business owner know? Do you know? Sure it’s rare to find a company that doesn’t have a website these days. However, how many of these […]


Getting Started With Online Lead Generation

At we take it for granted that companies know what online lead generation is and how to get started with online lead generation. However, after looking back at some older blog posts by others we came across one from Dan Baum which got us thinking maybe there are still businesses out there who don’t […]


How to Turn Web Visitors into Sales Leads

Many businesses have a website, they even get some visitors but they don’t know who they are! There is little value in having website visitors interested in your products and services if you never get to know who they are. Sure some might call you, some might even fill out your Contact Us form. However […]


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