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Archive for May, 2012

Lead Generation Using LinkedIn Email

In case you have ever wondered how to send emails direct to your LinkedIn contacts, a recent post by HubSpot reveals how to do it. Why is this important? Well one of the powerful features of LinkedIn is the ability to become a member of a LinkedIn Group, sharing a particular interest. So imagine you […]


A Simple Lead Generation Process for Small Business Owners

In a recent Press Release, from Main Street ROI, they introduced a simple 3-Step Lead Generation formula for Small Businesses. The steps are so obvious when you see them but how many businesses are really doing these 3 steps? Step 1. Get Traffic Step 2. Create a Lead Magnet Step 3. Follow Up If you […]


Google shows how to get 50% more traffic even from SERPS Position #1

Whilst many businesses focus substantial effort and expense on chasing position #1 in the Google SERPS rankings, Google suggests it should not stop there. In a recent research report published by Google Research they conclude that it is possible to get 50% more traffic even if you occupy position #1 in SERPS rankings. How is […]


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