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Archive for July, 2013

Lead Generation Tracking AdWords Clickers Offline

 Wow! According to Google we can now track people who click on AdWords advertisements, then go offline, then make purchase….well almost! Isn’t this what marketers have been waiting for? With so many people starting their buying cycle by searching online being able to determine whether they converted into a sale is so important! However, whilst […]


Social Media shown to be the least effective B2B Lead Generation method

Like us we are sure you also keep getting told you must be on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+. That’s where the action is, it’s the future you absolutely have to be there You’ll be missing out if you aren’t.  You need a profile, a company page, send out Tweets, keep updating your status. You need […]


Webinars For Lead Generation

Recently we ran our first Webinar in conjunction with the Lemon Club and we thought you might like to know how it went and whether it generated any Sales Leads. Well this was a completely new venture for us, despite having attended many webinars ourselves. Preparation Preparing for the webinar was pretty straightforward. As we were […]


How Much Does It Cost To Generate Leads?

Well that’s a question we would all like the answer to but it’s a bit like “how long is a piece of string”? Nevertheless in a recent report from B2B Marketing they managed to get some answers which you can read below. Obviously it depends on many factors, including the value of what you are […]


The 7 Top Lead Generation Methods

We thought you might like to know what others regard as the top lead generation methods. Fortunately we came across this recent post from David T. Scott. In his post he looks at the best tactics for providing companies with large numbers of actionable leads…….. When it comes to lead generation, many marketers aren’t sure […]


How to Use Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Based on the much publicised notion of “Content is King,” so far as Search Engine visibility is concerned anyway, we were wondering if there were any case studies that existed. In particular we wondered whether anyone had some history of how Content Marketing could be used for Lead Generation and what results to expect. Luckily […]


Boost Your Sales Leads with Google AdWords – FREE Webinar

FREE Webinar – Boost Your Leads with Google AdWords Lead generation is the life-blood of every business because without sales, it will fail – whatever kind of business it is. So marketing – and attracting the right sales leads – is essential. In the age of digital marketing, this has become more challenging for most […]


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