You may not have noticed this new feature, Email Capture in AdWords, a while back. It was brought to our attention by a blog post by Anna Pfeiffer Marketing Strategist at Bronto. Essentially it offers people who are searching on Google & logged into their Google account, a quick way to sign-up for items of interest shown up in Google AdWords. The really neat thing about it is that it pre-populates their email address into a form field so the most they have to do is click “Get Offers” or similar.

So there you have it!

Use Google AdWords to promote your goods or services and for those people who are prepared to give you their email address to connect to you they can do it in one-click! So you can not only build your sales and enquiries but also your email marketing list.

You can read an extract of Anna’s post here below….

Have you searched Google lately and noticed anything different? As an email marketer, you should be aware of the new addition to Google AdWords – the Communications Extension. What is this Extension? Check out the images below to see how there is now the ability to sign up for newsletters/offers within the AdWords block:

If you haven’t seen or heard about this yet, here’s the rundown: AdWords offers Extensions for ads so that you can include your location, product images and more in your advertisement. These have been around for a while. But there’s a new kid on the block and it’s called the Communications Extension.

This extension allows the advertiser to capture email addresses right there in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and it’s even auto-filled for users who are already logged in. This feature is not yet enabled for all advertisers so if you’re interested in testing it out, contact your AdWords rep to get set up.

In my latest spin around the blogosphere, I’ve seen many different opinions on what this new extension is all about and how effective it will be. Personally, I think it’s a pretty neat little tool! Although I do see the possibility for this method to collect people unintentionally, which could lead to a lower quality list with higher complaints and unsubscribes, I’m hoping that the benefit of the ease of use will outweigh these negative side effects. I think that it will be particularly effective for very strong, well-known brands.

You can read Anna’s post in its entirety by clicking here

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