FREE Webinar – Boost Your Leads with Google AdWords

Lead generation is the life-blood of every business because without sales, it will fail – whatever kind of business it is. So marketing – and attracting the right sales leads – is essential. In the age of digital marketing, this has become more challenging for most of us – but help is at hand from  Get Sales Leads and The Lemon Club Webinars.

This Webinar will be presented by our guest speaker, Andrew Merrifield, a digital marketing and Lead Generation specialist for more than 7 years, who will cover:- 

Andrew Merrifield AdWords Lead Generation Specialist

1) How people find services these days.

2) Google Search SEO v AdWords.

3) Google’s advertising share.

4) How AdWords Works.

5) What’s new in AdWords?

6) AdWords for Lead Generation – How? 

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for this FREE Webinar on Wednesday 10th July 2013, 12:30 -13:00 p.m. UK BST.  
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