Sales Leads Best TechniquesA recent post by Seth Price of referenced a study which concluded that generating more Sales Leads was the biggest challenge faced by B2B marketers. We thought you might appreciate the content of the Placester Infographic which nicely illustrates many Lead Generation Techniques and which are considered to be the most effective. Take a look at the infographic for a quick visual comparison, then check out our summary and recommendations at the footer of this page. There are some surprises for you in the following infographic….

Our Summary:

So which are the challenges and best solutions?

  • Generating more Sales Leads is the greatest challenge.
  • Inside Sales, Executive Events, Telemarketing, Tradeshows, Email Marketing, Company Website, Search Marketing and Webinars, Sponsorships and Virtual On-Demand events were the Top 10 most effective Lead Generation methods.
  • Outbound marketing was the best type of Lead Generation for B2B Leads.
  • Social Media fared less well, with Linkedin at number 1.

What new trends are emerging?

  • Automation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing

What’s the most effective for B2B Sales Leads Generation?

  • Case Studies
  • Customer Testimonials

With so many Lead Generation Techniques available you are almost certainly missing some of them. That’s where Sales Leads Companies prove to be extremely worthwhile. Not only can they increase the range of your Lead Generation activities, but as they are doing this on a daily basis, chances are they will get you better results as well.

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