In the dark ages, pre-digital, it was quite difficult to know whether you were better than your competitors or worse. Even more difficult to find out what they were doing and why they were better.

Image by Karoly Czifra

Image by Karoly Czifra

With the advent of digital marketing much of this has changed. There is an almost indelible audit trail of who, what, why, how and when left by you and your competitors. This is particularly true in Google AdWords. Whilst Google might not tell you everything going on inside Google AdWords they sure tell you a lot. So when it comes to online lead generation you can really get a good understanding of who you are competing against and how you compare with them.

Imagine if you could know what keywords your competitors were bidding on in AdWords. Whether they were getting more or less of the search traffic for these specific terms than you. How about knowing what their adverts said, how long that ran for and when they changed the advert. Or wouldn’t it be nice to know which keywords they were bidding on that you weren’t. Better still how about finding out which keywords the top three competitors were all bidding on?


A few years ago this sort of in-depth competitor knowledge was nothing more than a dream. Today it is a reality. Furthermore if you are making use of this information you are falling behind because others are.

So how do you do it? Well within Google AdWords you can cut the data pretty much any way you like to reveal some interesting insghts. This week’s blog post from PPC Hero Use Google’s Auction Insights to Find Your Competitors’ Mistakes provides some insights.

Also have a look at some of the “Keyword Spy” tools available on the market such as:



Keyword Spy

It’s quite incredible just what information you can get about your Competitors’ Lead Generation methods before or after you start your own. So go on (Sherlock Holmes) get out their “sleuthing” to make sure you get ahead of the competition.

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