Lead Generation Services to make prospects Contact UsWhat are the fundamental steps you need to establish to make your sales prospects want to “Contact Us”?

Well essentially there are three steps, as outlined in a recent post by Frances Pratt on The Australian Businesswomen’s Network Blog.

  1.  Generate More Sales Leads

This is kind of obvious really bur clearly the more leads you generate the greater the potential to turn those leads into customers. But what type of Lead Generation Services should you use to get a greater volume of leads? You really have to remember that customers have problems and when they can’t solve them by themselves they look to find suppliers who can. So with this in mind it is important that you messages to these prospects needs to address their problems. In particular they need to approach the problem from the perspective of the potential customer. You need to quickly adopt a style that shows you completely understand their problem and more importantly you know how to solve it. If you are an established business you can of course showcase your credibility by referencing the successes you have had already solving similar problems with other clients. Be sure that you stress how they will benefit (rather than you).

2.  Every Lead Must be Qualified

Leads come in different shapes and sizes. They come at different times with different expectations, requirements, timings and budgets. We are all different so it is vital that each lead is properly qualified. The person who first approaches you may not be the decision maker. So why waste hours with them if they are not authorised to purchase from you. Better to ask them who the decision maker is. Find out, from those that know, if there is a specific budget for this project. What is the timing for it. What is the decision making process.

3. Convert The Leads

There is not much point cultivating leads if you don’t convert them into business. So here are thyree important steps to help you do that.

  1. Summarise their problem and how your solution solves it.
  2. Ascertain if their is anything stopping them proceeding
  3. Ask them when they would like to make the purchase and start.

Ask for the Order.