Content is KIngHow about a new Lead Generation idea? Where can you get your products and services in front of 50 million unique viewers for at least 3 minutes every month? Answer SlideShare Why should you care? Well because this is another great opportunity for you to get your message out to potential customers in a way that perhaps you may not have considered before.

How many of you business owners have spent hours producing PowerPoint presentations, explaining your products and services, which have only ever been viewed by a handful of people? The presentations haven’t been disposed of. In fact they are probably sitting exactly where you left them on your laptop or company server.

So don’t you think it would be a good idea to get those presentations in front of 50 Million unique visitors per month? Surely somewhere amongst this huge number there are people working for companies who need your services but just don’t know about your company yet?

Wouldn’t it be worth tweaking a few presentations and uploading them to SlideShare?

This is fast becoming a great place for your Content and, what’s more interesting, a way to turn your Content Marketing into a Lead Generation Channel.

With a Professional Account you can add pop-up Lead Generation opt-in forms to turn those interested viewers into enquirers. You can also embed SlideShare’s iframe into websites and blogs, in much the same way as is done with You Tube. Here’s an example for you showing how SlideShare can be used for Lead Generation.

Achiever’s Big Secret to Lead Generation: SlideShare Case Study from SlideShare Content Marketing
In addition to being able to embed your SlideShare presentation into your company website you can also share your SlideShare link on Twitter etc. So extending your group of potential viewers beyond SlideShare to a more targeted audience is easy. SlideShare even records how many views your presentation receives by channel e.g. Twitter, so you can check on performance.

This post was inspired by Mark Sherbin of Business2Community. In his post Mark goes into the detail of how Achievers used SlideShare to create a steady flow of leads. You can read Mark Sherbin’s post in its entirety by clicking here

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