How good is your imagination when it comes to thinking about new ways to generate Sales Leads?

Recently Google announced on its official Blog that it was working on introducing a new service called Helpouts. You can see a video below which explains this in more detail.

Why is this important? Well, if you think for a minute and have a good imagination this is a great way to generate Sales Leads.

Think about the possibilities. How many businesses are there where a consumer or potential consumer wants more information about a product or service? Pretty much every business would have these opportunities. So think about being able to instantly connect with them by video and address their needs? Getting the picture? Pretty cool we think. Google have some great ideas.

So let’s think about how this could be used. Google give some examples like assistance in learning how to play the guitar, from  an appropriate expert. However, when you start to think about this platform the possibilities are only constrained by our imagination.

As this is a new idea, hot off the press, we haven’t even had the time ourselves to properly think about the Sales Lead Generation possibilities but here are a few straightaway:-

  • Prospects unfamiliar with your business, products or services who want more information.
  • Pretty much anything in the “how do I do XXX” category.
  • Anyone who positions themselves as an “expert” in a subject.
  • Instant interactive, audio-visual, help for product demonstrations.
  • Help with solving challenges when you don’t know what the solution is.

These are just a few initial thoughts. Hopefully by no you are beginning to see the opportunities.

Providing free help initially, is often they way to secure a future sales prospect. How pleased are we when someone helps us solve a problem for free? So how likely are we to become their paying customer in the future?

Right now we don’t know all of the details but Google will surely tell us in due course. Indications in the media indicate that Google will take 20% of any transaction cost. This may seem a significant share but it needs to be judged on what they provide. There is also mention of selection of experts based on availability, price and rating. Also a money back guarantee if the service fails to deliver to customer expectations.

  • Will it be a free technology platform that allows you to instantly engage with people anywhere in the world and share screens? That’s surely worth something?
  • Will Google be generating the enquiries?

Even at this early stage we think this will be a great tool for sales leads companies, businesses and individuals to generate new customers and business leads.

You can read the original Google Blog, phere.

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