Those of you who read our recent post Twitter – Is This the Future of Email Lead Generation? may be interested to learn that Twitter has now released their Lead Generation Cards to all advertisers.

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Why should this interest you?

Well according to a recent post on the Twitter Blog “By utilizing Lead Generation Cards, @RockCreek generated over 1,700 new email contacts in less than one week.”

So as we mentioned in our previous post maybe you should be looking Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards as a new way to really engage with your company’s Twitter followers by capturing their email addresses.

Online Lead Capture of email addresses from interested prospects is of course the  first step in the process of Lead Nurturing and educating your prospects about your services and products, on their journey to purchase.

Not only has this new Lead Generation technique been opened up from the beta testers but their input has resulted in a number of enhancements. For example:-

Simpler Set-Up for Lead Collection

Twitter has improved the set-up time, which now only takes minutes. Leads can also be downloaded into a CSV spreadsheet or it can be arranged for Leads to be updated in to you CRM system.

Lead Card Analytics

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Performance analytics providing such valuable information as cost per lead by card is also available from the Promoted Tweet Campaign reports.

More Card Layouts

Twitter is experimenting with new card layouts to facilitate not only coupon offers but also newsletter subscriptions etc.

Languages Support By Twitter

All the languages support by Twitter Ads. are now available for these Lead Generation Cards. However please note that Twitter Ads. for small businesses are currently only available to US based advertisers who are Tweeting in English. So I guess you might have to wait a while if you are outside the USA.
So now you can use both Twitter and Google AdWords to promote your goods or services and for those people who are prepared to give you their email address to connect to you they can do it in one-click! So you can not only build your sales and enquiries but also your email marketing list.

You can read Twitter’s original post in its entirety by clicking here

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