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The eagle-eyed amongst you will  remember our previous post Adwords is this the future of email lead generation ? Well it seems that not to be outdone Twitter has other ideas.  On Twitter’s Blog Mitali Patnalk explains how they, responding to marketers requests, have introduced a new service called Twitter Cards. These Twitter Cards provide Rich Media experience within an expanded Tweet. As you can see from the image (courtesy of Twitter) on the left. Essentially an image is shown to enhance your offer in the expanded Tweet and the Call To Action already contains the viewers pre-populated email address. This makes it very easy for the viewer to accept the offer, without the need to fill out a form. This of course is very similar to the way the AdWords Offer Extension works.

Currently this new Lead Generation service from Twitter is being tested with some larger brands. Initial feedback has been positive concerning its performance. Beta testers found the Lead Generation Card was influential in driving low cost per lead.

Right now this service is only available to “managed clients” but Twitter confirmed plans to make the Lead Generation Card available globally to small and medium sized businesses.

So there you have it. Both Twitter and AdWords are providing Email Capture Lead Generation services right from within their core products.

Businesses who comment how hard it is to get valuable email addresses of people interested in their products now have two more systems to use on very popular platforms.

Use Twitter and Google AdWords to promote your goods or services and for those people who are prepared to give you their email address to connect to you they can do it in one-click! So you can not only build your sales and enquiries but also your email marketing list.

You can read Mitali’s post in its entirety by clicking here

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