Online Lead Generation on it seems despite all the noise surrounding Social Media that corporate websites still produce more B2B leads than any other online channel. However most website owners are still not using their websites to best effect, at least when it comes to Lead Generation. Well these are the findings of a survey produced a while back by Demandbase. They carried out a survey of 100 executives who responded by saying that websites were the most effective online channel for Lead Generation. They went on to say that referrals and personal connections were the only better source.

So while Social Media may be where a lot of the “action” is  and maybe a good place to communicate with existing customers, it’s not the best marketing channel to acquire new leads.

As we have mentioned before getting potential customers to your website is one thing, converting prospects into Sales Leads is another. So it comes as no surprise that the executives surveyed cited that the most important improvement needed for their websites should be for “generating new sales leads.”

The second most important improvement was “tracking & reporting on anonymous and unregistered users”

The top areas of Improvement for Company Websites were:-

  • Providing relevant product information
  • Tracking & reporting current customers
  • Building a sense of Community amongst customers
  • Generating new Sales Leads
  • Tracking & reporting on unregistered users

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Many of the survey respondents mentioned that their biggest challenge in acquiring more leads from their website is their ability to use the analytics data they get.

This post was inspired by a post from Keith Dawson, Senior Editor, The CMO Site

You can read his original post in its entirety by clicking here


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